Summer 5-Aside

**Registration Closed Now Until Term 4**

Kids Outdoor 5-Aside Wednesdays
When: 4.00pm-7.00pm
Where: Sherwin Park - NEW LOCATION
weeks $150 per team 2 games a night

Starts 7th February - Finishes 13th March 2024

Mixed competition for 7-12 year olds played in age bands.

Age Bands: 7-8 year olds / 8-9 year olds / 10-11 year olds / 12+ year olds
We encourage you to have a team within the above age bands to make for fairer competition. 

Get your team together with a manager and register your team. We will help people find a team if they get stuck but do your best to sort one with your friends yourself. 

Once manager has registered the team via the website, they need to email the club with list of players in their team please.