Playing at Te Awamutu AFC

Our Football Philosophy

Our players collectively work together as a team and are responsible to for upholding the clubs values and playing philosophy. Football is truly a team effort, however it relies on individuals not only doing their roles, but also helping others to do theirs and collectively all moving in the same direction.

The Club expects all teams to collectively demonstrate the following: 

Be Hardworking - The basic fundamental trait for all players at our football club.

Have a high level of technical ability - All our teams must be able to possess the ball in a way that makes us be successful.

Every team must strive to win - The result is not the most important factor but the will to win certainly is.

Be prepared - For whatever challenge is thrown our way we will embrace it!

Have a TEAM first mentality - All players must support their teammates and help the team.

This Team Philosophy permeates throughout our club, on and off the pitch where we strive to be the best we can be together.


The Club delivers football to the following age groups:

  • First Kicks (4 - 6 year olds)
  • Junior (7 - 12 year olds)
  • Senior (16+ and up including U23, 'Premier' and Over 35 competitive teams for men and women)

Each age group or program has their own tailored and age and skill level apprpriate training program, with the proper educational focus for their level. 

For more information on the 2024 season check out Junior Football or Senior Football or information about registering have a look here