Summer First Kicks

Special Edition Summer First Kicks

We know how much our tamariki LOVED First Kicks during winter so we're going to roll out a shorter version for Summer. 


Starting TWednesday 7th February and all sessions are held at Sherwin Park, from 4:30pm - 5:30pm.  $60 per person for the 6 week course.

To register for First Kicks click here

Bring with you: full water bottle, Boots or sneakers, long socks and Shin pads

The Expleo First Kicks fun games/activities play a major part in each session. Please use them and support the development and enjoyment of our future footballers.

Our goal is to enthuse young players so that they fall in love with the sport and stay in it for life. These activities offer volunteer coaches with a variety of fun games, each focusing on a particular technical outcome. Every activity is an opportunity for young children to take part in fun, enjoyable football games that will develop them as players and people.

It is important to check that SMILES are evident in your sessions:

  • S - Safe
  • M - Maximum participation
  • I - Inclusive
  • L - Learning
  • E - Enjoyable
  • S - Successful

Thank you for supporting the growth and development of football.